Bobbins Up
Buttons & Bangles
Fiber & Cloth Book
Relay Line
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$5.00 (1)
$12.00 (3-Pack)
$10.00 (2-Bobbins and 2 Bits)
$50.00 (10-Bobbins and 10 Bits)
$20.00 (4-Bobbins and 4 Bits)
Develop and create cherished original garments using 5 basic pattern pieces and a menu approach. 1 pattern, 12 distinct garments and 2 bags.
Create your button designs. Kit includes; 1oz adhesive, 15 button forms (3 circles, 3 rectangles, 3 squares, 3 ovals, 3 triangles) and 3 bead bars.
"BOBBINS UP" comes in a 2 or 4 or 10 pack with almond and walnut bobbin and bits. ( Bits are interchangeable)
Built in needle for picking up stitches / -Knit from the line with built in needle / Lifeline for lace work /Flexible blocking wire
$5 De-constructed Jean Skirt
$4 His Shirt to Your Skirt
$5 Georgie
New Wearable Art Patterns/Designs
(Instant PDF Downloads)
$6 Weekend Sweater
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Wearable Art Patterns and Workshops
(10- Colored Bobbins and 10 Bits)
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Due to high demand,our Bobbins are temporarily out of stock. Orders placed after March 21, 2017 will be shipped April11th, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience!