I ordered the 4 bobbins to store my yarn on and was amazed at how fast they showed up on my doorstep. I tried one of them and really enjoyed how easy it was to attach to my drill with the drill bit adapter. My only suggestion is a possible notch on one of the sides similar to a spool of thread's notch to hold my yarn once it is on the bobbin but I'm content to add that at a later time to my own spools :)

You provided a speedy service above and beyond promised and expected, and I truly appreciate that as it allowed me to pick up my spinning a full four days earlier than I was planning. Thank you so much!

Name withheld by request
OMG!! You are a genius!!! I got my bobbin's bits and just had to give it a try. I cannot believe how fast and perfectly it wound off my bobbins!! Brilliant! And so super easy to do.
And I can't thank you enough for the relay line!! Another totally genius idea! :)
I will surely be back for more as I just ordered my first woolee winder and will likely need more bobbins to spin off it's contents to ply back onto it! :)
Thank you so, so much!!!
Keep those fabulous ideas coming!!
Jan Berman
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These bobbins are FANTASTIC! I love that they include the bit that goes right into your drill. I havenít see this piece available on any other storage bobbin. I also like the fact that there is a whorl so that the bobbin can be tensioned if plying from a lazy kate. See the review video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLYPRAwZ-A 
Tina Robbins / Raverly Member "Blooming Knitter"
When I first saw the "Bobbins Up" product I was intrigued. After I used it, I was genuinely impressed. It is always my intention to stay focused with my spinning to spin 2 bobbins full before plying them together. With that being said, I happen to be one of those persons that love to sample each and every color I purchase or as in my case, comes into the studio. This quickly fills ALL my bobbins. You see I own a Schacht Matchless, great wheel; expensive bobbins. Therefore, it is very costly to keep purchasing more as I fill them with samples. I already own a dozen or so Schacht bobbins, but when I was shown these bobbins with the availability to wind off my spun yarn for storage and later plying, I was thrilled. They fit on my double ended electric bobbin winder for winding and also come with a drill driver attachment for fast and easy winding. Coupled with the fact they are a fraction of the cost of most spinning wheel bobbins makes them perfect. They also fit into my lazy kate so I can ply under tension. I can see a dozen or so of these in my future.  
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Just wanted to let you know that I received my bobbins and LOVE THEM!

Absolutely fabulous. And thank you for the super fast delivery...I went right to work and plied up a skein...pic of it on Ravelry under Handspun on my project page...Dynagirl111.

Thanks again!
Astoria, OR
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